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Hello Everyone,

My Name is Wesley, and yes I have autism. Over the course of the next few months you will watch this site grow and develop into a guide/ resource/ community for anyone that has Autism and the people that support them through their daily life. Up until now there has never been a resource of this magnitude and the best part is you get to help it grow, by giving me input on how this could help based on your challenges in life. Hopefully I can help add color and guidance through this site and have those difficult conversations that people are often afraid to bring up.

I’m a firm believer that everyone is a success story in the making. Life is a journey and everyday is a learning experience. Its never about the destination but the experience of getting there.

Legal mumbo-jumbo: Please note all logos/ icons/ pictures/ names/ and other material is trademarked by their respectable companies and they own the rights to their own content(and we/you are not allowed to reproduce for profit without their written consent. Some of the pictures have been taken from the free section of pixabay.com.  I am not a professional in Autism however I am an expert based on life experience and what I have lived through. Every person is different so their needs may differ then what is stated here.

This is my first post on here I doubt it...